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Shawn Rich
3 assignments
ABN AMRO Clearing Bank
IAM Project Manager
Chelmsford, England, United Kingdom
Permanent, contract & ad-hoc work
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Remote work
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Recent companies

ABN AMRO Clearing BankFinancial Services, IT and Information Security, IT Infrastructure, Project Management3 years
IPC SystemsSoftware Development, Project Management, IT and Information Security, Financial Services1 year
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) - Global Banking and Markets (GBM)Project Management, Financial Services1 year
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Experience summary

Financial Services6 years
Project Management6 years
Software Development1 year
IT and Information Security4 years
IT Infrastructure3 years


A highly skilled and multifaceted Programme/Project Lead with a 17-year history and proven track record of managing multi-disciplinary teams within complex programmes of work, against rigorous timeframes and set budgets. Extensive knowledge surrounding successful delivery of business outcomes, applying a depth of knowledge in the use of various methodologies. Incorporating strong technical ability supporting quality improvements and adherence towards regulatory and legal compliance throughout project delivery. Demonstrated 3rd party and stakeholder management up to board level, with international exposure, inclusive of USA, Asia-Pac, EMEA and Central/South America.  


Skill strength:
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Business Activities
Vendor Management
Stakeholder Management
Supplier Management
Project Reporting
Resource Management
Additional business activities: Planning & Scheduling, Forecasting of Costs & Revenue, Budget Management, Project/Programme Scoping, Project/Programme Management, Change Delivery, Team Management, Scope Management, Risk Management, Scope Creation, Budget Creation, Bid / Proposal Management, and Change Management
Financial Services Expertise
Regulatory Compliance
Information Security
Enterprise Risk Assessment
Dodd Frank
Additional financial services expertise: Data Protection, Third Party Risk Management, Audit, Software design & development, Risk Assessments & Taxonomies, Regulator Engagement, Regulatory Affairs, Policy & Procedure Writing, Models & Analytics, Governance, Legal, Sanctions, and Anti Money Laundering
Financial Services Products
Management Frameworks and Business Modelling