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    IT networks
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  • Hubio

    Bryn Ellis


    Hubbado helped us resolve a very difficult situation at extremely short notice by providing us with an expert consultant with the right skills at the first time of asking. I have subsequently been able to reach out to others in the Hubbado community for other IT tasks.

Four principles to our business model

  1. 1 trusted community
    A trusted community

    Core to hubbado is our community of trusted consultants, membership is by invite only to assure quality.

  2. 2 innovative technology
    Innovative technology

    Using AI and Machine learning to find the best match for a clients’ requirement in a matter of seconds. Increases efficiency and speed of engagement.

  3. 3 transparency

    Direct connections, open-book policy, no hidden costs. We charge a 10% service fee to the buyer for each transaction through our platform.

  4. 4 automation

    No more paperwork, no more manual complex spreadsheets, no more human error. Automation of key business processes such as contract generation, timesheets, invoicing and payments.

The team

  • Avatar shoaib

    Shoaib Qureshi


    As a consultant with experience in many different fields, I hated being pigeon-holed into a specific niche. That’s why I want Hubbado to be a place where consultants can showcase all of their skills and all of their potential.

  • Avatar sam

    Sam Stickland


    I bring a broad knowledge of all areas of IT to the team. I love the energy and enthusiasm that comes with working with a startup that is based on a really good idea and a solid plan. So I'm delighted to be part of Hubbado and build its platform.

  • Avatar jay

    Jay Dalu-Chandu


    I believe that the current recruitment system is broken – it doesn’t provide value for the margins dictated. I have worked with so many capable and smart contractors, but finding the right team for a project is far too complex and time-consuming. I’m passionate about changing this by building a simpler, faster and fairer model that provides better value for clients and fairer terms for consultants.

  • Avatar duncan

    Duncan Stuart


    Hubbado was created when one day, I realised a big part of my job could be done by a computer. I just added extra cost and slowed things down. With the latest technology at our fingertips, we have the best opportunity to innovate and create something that will help change and improve the world we work in.

Great companies we work with

  • Fixnetix
  • Sky
  • Tesco bank
  • Icbc
  • Henderson
  • Dimension data
  • Bsi
  • Va museum