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Focus on Quality

Every hubbado member is vetted by an expert in their job sector for their industry knowledge, certifications, experience, communication skills & more.

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Automation at our core

Our platform matches your requirements with top talent. Contracts and invoices are fully automated, and you can directly contact members, saving you time and money.

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Much fairer pricing

Our business model keeps overheads low. Consultants take home more and hiring managers pay from just 10% to hire one of our top consultants. See how it works

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Hire from our vetted professional community

  • Free to create job posts
  • Free matching service with fewer, but better quality candidates
  • Automated timesheets and Invoices
  • Assignment creation
  • Only pay commision after you have hired one of our top consultants


Import and manage your own freelance resources on our platform

  • Import and manage your own freelance resources on our platform
  • Automated timesheets and Invoices
  • Assignment creation
  • Get notifications from your dashboard to keep up to speed on all your team support tasks

Some of our Testimonials

  • “The availability of consultants is really good on the platform & the rate is far better than at agencies or consultancies”

  • “The quality of consultants is very high, and the availability of resources is why we go out of our way to use hubbado”

  • “The biggest positive for me is the speed of recruiting, I can find someone great in 2 days”

  • “Invoices are automated after timesheet approval which is much better and really easy to use”

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How it all began

Hubbado was built in 2014 by a group of senior Network and IT consultants who had experienced both the frustration of being a consultant looking for work and of sourcing, hiring and managing consultants as an employer. We asked ourselves:

How do you match the right consultant with the right employer in a way that is faster, more flexible and reasonably priced?

We already had the industry knowledge to source only the very best people for our consultant community, but we were also committed to improving the slow, manual back office processes with a sophisticated automated platform to more effectively manage resources.

And it needed to be at a price point that would be irresistible to businesses looking to build and manage their consultant resources.

So we created hubbado... where people and technology work.

Learn how and meet the team

Meet the team

Avatar of Jay Dalu-Chandu

Jay Dalu-Chandu


I believe that the current recruitment system is broken – it doesn’t provide value for the margins dictated. I have worked with so many capable and smart contractors, but finding the right team for a project is far too complex and time-consuming. I’m passionate about changing this by building a simpler, faster and fairer model that provides better value for clients and fairer terms for consultants.

Avatar of Sam Stickland

Sam Stickland


I bring a broad knowledge of all areas of IT to the team. I love the energy and enthusiasm that comes with working with a startup that is based on a really good idea and a solid plan. So I'm delighted to be part of Hubbado and build its platform.

Avatar of Shoaib Qureshi

Shoaib Qureshi


As a consultant with experience in many different fields, I hated being pigeon-holed into a specific niche. That’s why I want Hubbado to be a place where consultants can showcase all of their skills and all of their potential.

Avatar of Rahul Desai

Rahul Desai

Community Development Lead
Avatar of Tong Liu

Tong Liu

Finance Director
Avatar of Alev Geneci

Alev Geneci

Community Recruiter
Avatar of Alfonso Uceda

Alfonso Uceda

Software Developer
Avatar of Karen Whitehead

Karen Whitehead

Community Recruiter
Avatar of Jacques Woolston

Jacques Woolston

Web Developer
Avatar of Silke Stienen-Durand

Silke Stienen-Durand

UX and Marketing
Avatar of Kye Ayobiojo

Kye Ayobiojo

Sales Director
Avatar of Sally Garfield

Sally Garfield

Finance and HR Administrator