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Denise McQuaid
Director of Commercial & Customer Strategy
London, England, United Kingdom
Permanent, contract & ad-hoc work
Remote work
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Recent companies

Connor ConsultancyManagement, Management Consultancy1 year
EverywomanManagement Consultancy, Management1 year
Comotion ConsultingManagement1 year
Up AcceleratorManagementLess than 1 year
These are the most recent companies Denise has worked for. To see the full list go to Work Histories

Experience summary

Management11 years
Management Consultancy5 years


I am a results-driven leader who works within businesses to optimise performance through aligning people, process, data and technology. I have a proven track record in successfully building and growing businesses, often in challenging environments and/or with ‘first to market’ products. I thrive in a business where I can create change, align goals, manage risk and set milestones to achieve strategic objectives. I am a connector, passionate about bringing people together through a strong, nurtured network to support business growth. Everything in life and business is about people.


Skill strength:
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Business Activities
Data Analysis
Growth Strategy
Change Delivery
Investor management
Team Management
Additional business activities: Change Management, P&L Management, Partnerships, Commercial Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Budget Management, Technical Strategy, and Client Management
Management Areas of Responsibilities
Business Development
Customer Success
Product Development
Management Consultancy Skills
Business Transformation – Driving Change
Business Development – Market Expansion
Strategic Design and Business Planning
Change Management
Business and Management Consultancy
Additional management consultancy skills: Marketing and Business Development
Management Frameworks and Business Modelling
Maturity Forecasting
Marketing, Advertising and PR
Customer Relationship Management
Channel Marketing
Content Strategy
Lead Generation
Marketing Strategy
UX Research Methods
Customer Research