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Marnie Baxter
Writer / Director of Bad Mother, Public speaking & Confidence building coach
London, England, United Kingdom
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Recent companies

Self EmployedOther, Management ConsultancyLess than 1 year
First Person ProductionsOtherLess than 1 year
ITV StudiosOtherLess than 1 year
SomesuchOtherLess than 1 year
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Experience summary

Other4 years
Management Consultancy3 years


This year, Marnie completed her first directing job on her short film ‘Bad Mother’ which is currently playing at various festivals around the world, described by Mark Kermode as ‘An excellently unsettling directorial debut’.

Whilst acting, producing and directing, Marnie has found time to work with people outside the entertainment industry on confidence building, teamwork and public speaking, ranging from professionals in the business to children in schools.

Marnie runs The Drama Group, which holds drama classes, based on creating confidence through improvisation and teamwork, and conducts sessions with professionals who struggle to speak naturally in public, and need to work on the delivery of speeches and presentations. Marnie is fascinated by the role drama can play to build confidence in public speaking, and passionately believes that with a little work anyone can speak to a crowd with confidence and ease.


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