Customer Service/Contact Centre Consultant

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  • Contract 15 days
  • £600 - £650 (GBP) / day
  • London, England, United Kingdom
    and remote
  • ASAP

Technical Consultant Brief


Technical Consultant Brief

About the Project: 

The Contact Centre is a core part of the experience. It is a primary point of contact for visitors communicating virtually, whilst also providing the public interface for teams internally across the organisation. 

The requirements and operation of the team have been significantly impacted by COVID. The role of the team will also be impacted with the opening of 3 new  sites in the next 3-years, which the Contact Centre will support. 

This is an opportunity to explore whether we can redesign the way that we meet visitor’s needs via our Contact Centre and the part it plays. In a way that provides effective multi-site support, increases customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and mitigates risks to improve the return on investment. 

The project has a dedicated Project team, including a Redesign Project Manager and a Contact Centre Lead who are responsible for the delivery of this work. Currently there is work underway to map out the ‘As is’ process of the Contact Centre and gather insights from internal users within team and those who use the service.

The intended outcome for the Discovery phase is to develop out business cases based on recommendations, as well as implementation plans for the top 3 prioritised recommendations which are to be discussed at the October Redesign Steering Group for approval.

The expertise that we are missing:

  • Technical expertise in customer support – including design, software, set-up, strategic outlook.
  • Technical expertise around innovative and visionary approaches following best practice to develop our blue-sky thinking approach. Including any emerging practice.


Systems that we use in the Contact Centre Currently & purpose:


System/ Software

What it is used for

  • Galaxy - Ticket Booking
  • CRMS - Attendee lists, capacity updates
  • NAV Retail - Refunds/ Shop, Group Bookings
  • NAV Finance - Internal finance management system (expenses/ invoices/ budget management)
  • Hornbill - Room Booking requests, complimentary ticket requests
  • Touchpoint - Switchboard, managing calls from external visitors, transferring calls, call feedback notes
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud - Stock tickets
  • Outlook - Managing all email (internal and external)
  • Teams - Communication with colleagues within the Contact Centre team and other teams internally.
  • Excel - Used to manually capture data about the service provided, to hold information for action (Shop returns) and templates for email responses/ forwarding.


Currently we do not have a tool or process in place to collect feedback from visitors who have accessed the Contact Centre services, this is something that we would like to look into implementing. 

We are looking for short-term resource with the following skills: (top 3 are essential)

  • Knowledge and experience of remote Customer Service team (specifically looking for expertise outside of the Museum sector).
  • Provide guidance and advice on the merits, costs, and feasibility of alternative channels of communication, user interfaces, technologies and automation when compared to our current Contact Centre processes and systems. 
  • UX expertise
  • Innovative development and implementation expertise within matrix and multi-site organisations – identifying insights which are essential for mapping out future growth.
  • trategic expertise and long-term development – provide implementation guidance, outline future competence needs and resources for delivery of an expanded multi-site service (people and system specific).


Output from the Consultant:

Produce a report that makes recommendations for change and evidences the cost/ benefits of different approaches.

o   Includes short term solutions and longer-term aspirations

o   Includes internal systems and external interfaces

o   Considers our audience demographic

o   Considers our organisational and technological constraints

o   Includes blue sky thinking and strategic focus

o   Considers the upstream challenges that result in contact

Contribute to our Discovery phase providing technical and strategic guidance to inform our recommendations and Contact Centre roadmap.  

Resource Timings:

We estimate this work will require about 12–15 days, across a 5-8 week period, with a start date in Aug/Sept and a completion date of 7th October 2022, with the consultant working 1–3 days a week depending on the start date and schedule.


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