Javascript Developer (Inside IR35)

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  • Contract 60 days
  • £575 - £625 (GBP) / day
  • London, England, United Kingdom
    and remote
  • 21/06/2021

We are looking for Javascript Developers to work within the Broadcast Media Sector on a selection of Video Streaming Products


We are looking for Javascript Developers to work within the Broadcast Media Sector on a selection of Video Streaming Products

We are hoping our Javascript Developers to provide common functionality across all these services, which includes streaming technology, video playback and Analytics, all built in a reliable, scalable and efficient way. We own the internally open-source code that is used by a large number of application teams on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Samsung TV, LG TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Roku and more!

What you'll do:

  • Build new features and maintain existing solutions within the SDK.
  • Develop on a range of devices to ensure the SDK behaves consistently across the board
  • Contribute to planning and architecture of new features and see them through to release
  • Help us to maintain a high standard in the team by taking part in code reviews, technical discussions, and suggesting improvements
  • Come up with elegant solutions to deliver features and fixes in time, while keeping the codebase stable and maintainable
  • Help application teams integrate with the SDK and support them with your know-how of video streaming and video playback in diagnosing issues


What you'll bring:

  • A strong understanding of software design and development principles, coupled with the ability to provide constructive and objective feedback.
  • An expert-level understanding of JavaScript. Additional strong knowledge of a statically typed language such as TypeScript, Java, or C# would be a plus (we use TypeScript).
  • A deep understanding of how to build and maintain highly usable and reliable libraries.
  • Demonstrable skill in building expertise in complex domains. Existing knowledge of video streaming or developing for Embedded systems would be a plus.
  • The pragmatism and ability to work quickly in an existing codebase without accruing technical debt, and the influence to raise others to the same standard.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and explain complex problems in a simple way.
  • A preference for collaborating with others, both inside and outside the team.
  • Beautiful unit tests.


Management Frameworks and Business Modelling
Programming Languages & Frameworks
Software Development
Embedded Systems

Industry Experience

Telecommunications - Service Provider, ISP, Mobile
Media & Broadcasting - TV, Music, Movies, Radio, Entertainment