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Raghu Namala
6 assignments
G-Research Limited
Network Consultant
London, England, United Kingdom
Not looking for work
Remote work
Not available
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Recent companies

G-Research LimitedFinancial Compliance1 year
The London Stock Exchange GroupFinancial Compliance1 year
WorldpayIT Security1 year
SkyIT SecurityLess than 1 year
These are the most recent companies Raghu has worked for. To see the full list go to Work Histories

Experience summary

IT Networks4 years
IT Security2 years
Financial Compliance2 years


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Skill strength:
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Business Activities
Gap Analysis
WAN (Nationwide)
Service Provider
Campus LAN (Large)
WAN (Global)
Campus LAN (Medium)
Additional environments: Voice / Telephony, SD-WAN, Data Centre, and Network Security
IT Infrastructure Expertise
IT Monitoring Tools & Management
IT Infrastructure Products
Cisco Nexus Series
Cisco Catalyst 6500 ACE
Cisco IOS
Juniper Networks
Palo Alto Networks
Additional it infrastructure products: Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series, F5 LTM, F5, Cisco 7600 Series, Cisco Catalyst 6500 WiSM, Cisco Wireless Controllers 5000 Series, Check Point SmartCenter, Cisco APIC, F5 GTM, F5 BIGiP, Check Point, Juniper Networks SRX, Juniper Networks SSG, Cisco 3700 Series Industrial Wireless, Cisco Industrial Switches, Cisco Nexus 5000 Series, Splunk, Cisco ASA, Cisco ACI, F5 ADC, and 21 more
IT Infrastructure Technologies & Protocols
Authentication Services
Additional it infrastructure technologies & protocols: DDoS Prevention, FabricPath, OSPF, Spanning-Tree (STP, RSTP), VPC, VSS, QoS, Multicast (PIM), mBGP, L3 VPN, L2 Security, Address Management, Intrusion Prevention, IPSec, IP SLA, GRE, Firewall Policies, EIGRP, DNS, DMVPN, and 1 more
IT Network Expertise
Network Deployment
Change Approval
Requirements Capture
Proof of Concept
Packet Analysis
Additional it network expertise: Audit, Network Support, Network Implementation, Network Design, and Configuration Approval
Network Testing