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Lee Hickman
8 assignments
Willis Towers Watson
Cloud SOC 2 Programme Manager
London, England, United Kingdom
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Recent companies

Willis Towers WatsonProject Management3 years
Fixnetix LimitedFinancial Compliance, Management, IT Security, IT Infrastructure, IT Networks, Management Consultancy, Project Management, Service Delivery, Marketing, Advertising and PR5 years
Selftrade - Talos Securities (SGSS Boursorama)Project Management1 year
ShellIT Infrastructure, Project Management1 year
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Experience summary

Project Management11 years
IT Infrastructure4 years
Financial Compliance5 years
IT Networks2 years
IT Security2 years
Service Delivery2 years
Marketing, Advertising and PR2 years
Management2 years
Management Consultancy2 years


Results-orientated Chief Operations Officer with extensive Programme Management, Risk Management, and Audit and Compliance experience with a track record of accomplishment in Change Management and Transformation. Recently COO and Director of Compliance at a world leading Fintech provider, with experience of creating and delivering strategic transformation roadmaps, governance structures and operating models. A record of successful design and delivery of complex multimillion pound projects to senior (C-suite) clients across multiple sectors, including delivering global system upgrades, data migrations, and ultra-low latency infrastructure, software and hardware development and deployment projects.


Skill strength:
How is strength calculated?
  • years of experience
  • recency of use
Business Activities
Resource Management
Project Reporting
Supplier Management
Budget Management
Risk Management
Additional business activities: Planning & Scheduling, Process Management, Team Management, Stakeholder Management, Scope Creation, Change Management, Bid / Proposal Management, Process Creation, Scope Management, Mentoring, Raid Management, Release Management, and Configuration Management
IT Operations
Data Networks
Data Centre
Service Provider
Additional environments: Data Storage / SAN
Financial Services Expertise
Regulatory Compliance
IT Infrastructure Expertise
IT Infrastructure Products
Microsoft Sharepoint
IT Security Expertise
Regulatory Compliance & Audit
Governance Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)
Compliance and Audit
Management Frameworks and Business Modelling
Project Management Project Types
Business projects
Technical projects
IT Migrations
IT Infrastructure
Additional project management project types: IT Transition and Transformation, Software Development, Software, Pre & Post Sales, IT Upgrades, IT Lifecycle, Data Centre Migrations, Data Migration, Compliance, Data management, Financial Compliance, and Accounting & Finance
Service Delivery Scope
IT Infrastructure
Standards & Regulations
Service Organisation Control 2 (SOC2)