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Dan Redican
The London Stock Exchange Group
Project Engineer
Hemel Hempstead, England, United Kingdom
Not looking for work
Remote work
Not available

Recent companies

The London Stock Exchange GroupIT Networks3 years
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)IT Networks2 years
BNP ParibasIT Networks3 years
BarclaysIT Networks1 year
These are the most recent companies Dan has worked for. To see the full list go to Work Histories

Experience summary

IT Networks24 years


Dan is an experienced network project engineer with a strong results driven approach. As an enthusiastic technologist Dan has a wide ranging skill-set with a focus on Data Centre and low latency environments. An excellent team player who is driven to meet deadlines and business needs with a flexible approach.


Skill strength:
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  • years of experience
  • recency of use
Data Networks
Campus LAN (Large)
Low Latency / High Frequency Trading
Financial Exchange
Additional environments: WAN (Continental), Data Centre, Voice / Telephony, Network Security, WAN (Global), and Campus LAN (Medium)
IT Infrastructure Expertise
IT Monitoring Tools & Management
IT Infrastructure Products
Juniper Networks EX
NetScout Systems Infinistream
Infoblox NetMRI
Fortinet FortiGate
Cisco Nexus 3000 Series
Additional it infrastructure products: Cisco 3700 Series Industrial Wireless, Check Point R75, Fortinet, Check Point, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Cisco CUCM Call Manager, Microsoft, Cisco, SolarWinds, and Juniper Networks
IT Infrastructure Technologies & Protocols
Traffic Engineering
Unified Messaging
Multicast (PIM)
Additional it infrastructure technologies & protocols: Firewall Policies
IT Network Expertise
Network Design
Network Implementation
Proof of Concept
Network Support
Additional it network expertise: Change Approval